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Home Stuffers Risco RS205-165 Vacuum Stuffer

Risco RS205-165 Vacuum Stuffer

We sell and service the Risco RS205-165 Vacuum Stuffer.Risco RS205-165 Vacuum Stuffer

The Risco filling machine of the RS 205 dynamic range is suitable to process any kind of meat product, whether ground, emulsion-like, or in section and form, as well as any other food products of similar composition. Designed for small and medium processors, the RS 205/165 model combines the best technology with the new Risco control computers which allows it’s user to take advantage of the flexibility of all the high-grade characteristics of the machine, since the easy utilization of the meat processing parameters guarantees the full exploitation of this model. The dynamic characteristic of this model features, for a producer, the ideal machine to conceive, bring forth, and upgrade new products.

The filler is fitted with a lift arm loader for carts of 100 litres capacity. In addition, the fact that all the accessories of the Risco range can be used, represents a guarantee that the initial investment is being enhanced for the future.

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