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Home Tenderizers Ross TC700M Tenderizer

Ross TC700M Tenderizer

We sell and service Ross TC700M Series Tenderizers.Ross TC700 Tenderizer

Ross Tenderizers

Ross Tenderizers dramatically improve the mouth-feel of any cut of meat by making 32 unique T-shaped surgical incisions per square inch in bone-in and boneless products.

Key Features:

  • The standard of the industry for 30 years with thousands of installations.
  • Sinew, connective tissue, and muscle fiber are severed, resulting in truly tender portions.
  • Cooking time is reduced.
  • Moisture is retained, enhancing flavor.
  • Magnetic head design positions tenderizing blades in magnetic carriers that retract when encountering bones or frozen meat.
  • Hi/Lo product height adjustment allows operator to adjust tenderizer head clearance for tenderizing all primals, bone-in or boneless.
  • Two models are available, with nominal rates of 3,000 (TC700MC) or 5,000  (TC700M) lbs. per hour.