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Home Grinders Tor-Rey M-32 5HP Industrial Butchering Grinder

Tor-Rey M-32 5HP Industrial Butchering Grinder

We sell and serTor-Rey M-32 5HP Industrial Butchering Grindervice the Tor-Rey M-32 5HP Industrial Butchering Grinder.

  • For Higher Volume Butcher Shops and Industrial Users
  • For ground meats, chorizo, sausage, salsas, creams, sauces, and more!
  • 5 Powerful horses making it all happen running on 220 volts only.
  • Floor standing design.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Sanitation Approved

Higher Volume processors, markets, butchers, and commercial users will find the M-32 5 Horsepower grinder from Tor Rey to be the perfect solution for their needs. With over 3800 pounds per hour grinding capacity (first ground 3/8), the M-32 5 will save you time. With a long list of features, affordable pricing, quality construction, and reliability, the M-32 5 from Tor Rey will save you money.

Long Life and Quiet Operation

The Tor-Rey M-32-5 grinder features a helical four steel gear transmission. This is designed to give you maximum power and less noise. The transmission sealed in oil, ensuring a long, trouble free product lifetime.

Safety Features

The headstock features a safety guard designed for safety while allowing the most possible volume in. Thermo magnetic switches prevent accidental startups after power failures and protect the motor in the event of a power surge.

Easy to Disassemble

No tools are required to remove the headstock or tray. A simple twist of a knob is all it takes.

Attractive Design

The M-32 5 from Tor Rey has an attractive and easy to clean stainless steel cabinet. The sturdy base allows you to place the M-32 5 nearly anywhere you need it.

Save Time and Effort

With its powerful motor, efficient and quiet transmission, and safety features, the M-32-5 grinder from Tor Rey are the perfect choice for butchers, markets, and commercial users needing to process higher volumes quickly.