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Home Grinders PRO-CUT M-22 Small Butcher Grinder

PRO-CUT M-22 Small Butcher Grinder

We sell and service the Tor-Rey M-22 Series Small Butcher Grinder. With all the Ground Meat "press' today, give your customer that custom-ground roast, or small batch size grind!Tor-Rey M-22 Small Butcher Grinder

  • Butcher Shops and Meat Markets
  • For ground meats, chorizo, sausage, salsa, cream spinach, sauces, and many more uses!
  • Powerful 1 or 2 Horsepower Motor (110 or 220 volts)
  • Wider Opening for Greater Capacity
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Sanitation Approved

The Pro Cut M-22 series comes in two varieties.  The R1, and the R2.  These two grinders/choppers give you the power you need to grind meat quickly!  Both feature a larger open bowl, enabling you to process more meat in larger cuts, saving you time.  You’ll no longer have waste time cutting meat into smaller portions.

You won’t need to wear earplugs when grinding meat with the Tor Rey M22 series grinders; these grinders work hard and keep quiet, thanks to the helical gears.  This type of gears also ensures that the maximum amount of power is delivered efficiently to the headstock.

Of course, the tin-plated cast iron headstock will give you hygienic and rust-free operation for years to come.

The M-22 R1 is perfect for butcher shops, meat markets, small grocery stores  who want power and a larger headstock for processing larger quantities of meat.  The full horsepower motor can grind 21 pounds per minute for the first grind.

The M-22 R2 is great for grocery stores, meat markets, and processors who need to process a greater volume of meat.  The R2 brings you more power with a 2 horsepower motor capable of grinding 21½ pounds per minute (a full 30 pounds more in an hour), for the first grind.  Most importantly, the R2 can operate for longer periods of time.  The M-22 R2 requires 220 volt service.