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Home Grinders Tor-Rey M-12 Restaurant and Outfitter Grinder

Tor-Rey M-12 Restaurant and Outfitter Grinder

We sell and service the Tor-Rey M-12 FS Restaurant and Outfitter Grinder.Tor-Rey M-12 FS Restaurant and Outfitter Grinder

  • Restaurants and outfitters
  • For ground meats, chorizo, sausage, salsa, cream spinach, sauces, and many more uses!
  • Attractive and easy to clean stainless steel cabinet.
  • Reliable gear drive transmission
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Sanitation Approved

If youíre a processor or home user looking for more power and greater speed, then the M-12 FS is for you.† This grinder has a ĺ horsepower motor, allowing you to grind through over 400 lbs/hour on the first grind, while still occupying only a small amount of your workspace.†

The M-12 FS also has improved helical gears, ensuring long, reliable, and quiet operation, with minimal maintenance on your part, saving you time and money. Broken belts will be a thing of the past, since no belts are used on this grinder.

The headstock is easily removable.† Simply unscrew the headstock knob and the headstock slides right out.† This meanís youíll be able to remove the headstock quickly, clean it, and replace it just as quickly, saving you time.† The tin plating will prevent oxidation and provide you with hygienic operation.

This M-12 FS grinder/chopper from Tor Rey is perfect for the home user who desires more power, the hunter processing his or her own meat, restaurants, and small grocery stores or meat markets.